I am a father. Today is my day.

Father and SonI am coming to the end of my first Father’s Day. It has been a really great weekend for spending time with family, and that of course is the best part of Father’s day.

I was also the recipient of some nice fatherly gifts, including a coffee mug and some coffee, some books (one to share with Elias, one for me), some nerd toys (Pew Pew!), and various and sundry other goodies. No neckties!

Kim asked me to try to come up with a Father’s day tradition, and I chose going to the pool. So yesterday evening we packed up and went swimming. Elias has already been swimming several times, so he is getting to be a pro. He’ll even put his mouth in a bit, and he doesn’t get too upset if he gets splashed. We don’t keep him in the pool too long, but long enough to have a lot of fun. He really likes it when one of us goes under water and then comes back up.

At the end of Father’s day there is still fatherhood. That means a lot of poopy diapers and an epic rash that has cropped up. It means being tired and not being able to watch a movie in one sitting. But it is all worth it. I am really enjoying the time I get to spend with Elias, and I know we’ll look back on these times as “the good old days.”

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  1. omg that is good. HAPPY FATHERS DAY AND I WISH U A GOOD DAY!

  2. janet Roth says:

    Nice report on your day. Did Kimberly choose a similar “Mother’s Day” tradition?
    I remember so many Sunday afternoons spent at one of the local swimming pools.

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