The Look

It might just be my imagination….but I think Elias has given me “the look” a few times. What do I mean by “the look”? I mean the “I know you don’t want me to be doing this but I’m doing it anyway and I’m seeing how you react” look.

Example #1: Elias has figured out how to take off his bib. He does this often while we try to feed him solids while giving “the look.”

Example #2: Elias is fascinated with the cat food (which is still on the ground because we haven’t figured out another solution yet). He crawls very excitedly towards it…stops and turns around to look at me with “the look” then crawls excitedly (and sometimes laughing) closer to the cat food.

Is this my imagination? It seems like 8 months is kind of young for that kind of thing.

Even though it makes life more difficult for me….I am loving watching Elias grow into his own personality. It is so fun watching him discover that he can move on his own. He has figured out that he can move around objects if they are in his way. He has figured out how to crawl over small objects. He is growing and changing so fast!

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2 Responses to The Look

  1. janet Roth says:

    Ah yes — the adventures get faster and faster. Parenting IS about the hardest thing you’ll ever get the privilege of doing ——- but you are right that it is SOOOOOO worth it. There is just nothing else that is quite the same. And I’m certain that Elias will lead you on a merry dance —- he’s his parents’ child totally!

  2. Lahlae says:

    aaww! that behavior is actually a sign of a secure attachment being made with you guys. He looks to you for emotional feedback. This is a good thing, trust me 🙂 (and apparently I remember thing I learn in class!)

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