Uncle greg looks on as Elias helps unwrap presents. Elias likes bows the best.

Nathan and I were born only 9 days apart. Every July we get to celebrate our birthdays together. We are now both 27….which I don’t think is old by any means….but we definitely are in our late 20’s….not mid 20’s any more. We got to have lots of fun celebrations. On my birthday, Nathan and Elias took me to get a birthday burger at Red Robins. Then we went to swimming class in the evening. Unfortunately I was gone most of the day at work so I didn’t get to see Elias much. But it was still a good day.

On the weekend between our birthdays, we got to celebrate with Nathan’s mom. She cooked us a nice meal and we even had some cupcakes with candles to blow out!

On Nathan’s birthday I cooked him one of his favorite meals, and he got to go to our last swimming class with Elias. They had a free day on the last day so he just got to play in the pool.

Grandpa Bartle reads a card and Elias tastes one of Daddy's packages.

However, when we celebrated with my family (which was actually a triple birthday celebration because my Aunt’s birthday is also in July) Elias decided he’d better start getting in some practice on present opening skills. After all, his first birthday is not too long away in September. He mostly took an interest in bows…but also got some extra fiber by eating some of the paper too. Bags were easy obstacles for him as well. He’ll be quite ready when it is his turn.

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2 Responses to Birthdays

  1. Linda says:

    Such fun times! We had a great time at the joint birthday party! You will cherish these days and have such good memories.

  2. janet Roth says:

    K– you know from teaching that paper is an essential part of a young child’s diet. (Your cats would probably add the same about ribbon — not certain what it is about cats and ribbon, but…..)
    I’m glad you and N. had good birthday celebrations. Twenty seven is one of those “perfect numbers” — 3x3x3. I hope you both (and Elias, too, of course) have a perfect year ahead!

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