Zoo With Grandma

Elias and Grandma pose with Takoda the black bear in the tree behind them.

Elias and I wanted to spend some time with Grandma Smith because she will be leaving for New York next week so she can see her other grandchildren. She will be gone for about three weeks. We decided to go to the zoo because even though Elias is sick, he seemed to be a little better and still had lots of energy.

We packed up our lunches and took Elias on his first MAX ride ever! I texted Nathan a picture message of Elias on the MAX for the first time since he is a Tri-Met veteran. Needless to say, he was quite excited to see the picture.

It was a beautiful day to go to the zoo. We got to see the sea lions swimming a lot and doing flips in the water. We got to see a polar bear giving “CPR” to a big white water barrel. We got to see some giraffes kissing, and a small cat with pointy ears drinking some water and making a weird meow sound. We saw lots of animals napping. But the highlight was seeing Takoda the black bear climbing and eating in a tree! I’ve always wanted to see that because they have signs everywhere about it.

Overall it was a fun trip! Elias is still pretty congested, but seems to not be getting any worse so that is good. When we got home, it was pretty hot so I turned on the air conditioner. Elias liked the cool air so much that he stood right in front of it to play. He’d stand right where the air would blow on his face, then turn to look at me and laugh. What a cute little guy!

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