Last week we went to beautiful Shasta Lake with my parents, my two brothers, and sister-in-law. Shasta used to be somewhat of a tradition for my family, but we hadn’t been for a long time. Nathan had been with us a couple times, but it was Elias and Kristy’s first time. I was especially nervous to take Elias because he is mobile now, and there was danger with so much water around. The pediatrician also seemed extra cautious so that made me even more nervous. It turned out to be very fun (although not a very relaxing vacation) It was so fun for Elias to go swimming, boating, and have so many people to pay attention to him all the time. I think I’ll tell the story of Shasta in pictures:

I realized my camera does not have any pictures of Elias swimming! I’ll have to post some of those later after I get the images from Auntie Kristy. We were thankful that everything went well and that we were able to keep Elias safe and free from sunburn!

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