Play ball!

I got a call from Kim’s brother and his wife: they needed another person for coed softball today. I answered that call.

Keep in mind that I haven’t so much as swung a bat in several years. And it has been much longer since I last played organized ball. But this wall slow pitch, and the balls were large and neon, so it was not so bad. I got two at bats, and managed to get an RBI single. I also over-zealously ran over the opposing pitcher in a close play at home and got called out (the ball came loose, so I would’ve scored in baseball!). Oh well, I’ll try to use my head more next time. I found I am also pretty rusty at defense, and the coed rules definitely keep you on your toes at first.

Elias and Kimberly got to come watch along with Grandpa and Grandma Bartle. I am pretty sure I had the largest cheering section of any player at the game.

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