St. Bartholomew’s Day

Today was the feast day of St. Bartholomew. Since our church is named for him, we always have a picnic on this Sunday. Our family has also been out of town quite a bit in August, so we were glad to get back. It was fun to talk with people at the picnic, and to let Elias crawl around in the grass.

It is becoming quite difficult to go to church with Elias. When he was first born, he slept through the services! Then, there was a period where he would be awake, but generally quiet. Now since he can crawl, and he is much more vocal, it is getting very difficult. People say that they don’t mind, and that they like to hear him in the sanctuary….but it is a worship service. People should be able to worship during it without being distracted or disrupted. A few little “ba ba’s” from Elias are cute…..but a lot of them gets tiring. We’ve tried putting him in the nursery. Today he cried hysterically almost the whole 20 minutes or so he was down there. It makes me feel so sad. I know that he will never get used to being away from me if he never is away from me….but he was perfectly happy staying with my Dad all summer when I was working so that is not it.

It’s just a difficult phase, and hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

In other news, we got to meet the new rector for our church today. We’ll look forward to getting to know more about him in the coming weeks.

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  1. janet Roth says:

    Oh, Kimberly, one of THE hardest parts of parenting is leaving your child in the church nursery or daycare when they just cry. Ask Nathan about some of the children we had in the ESL childcare when he was with us. We had one boy (maybe pre-Nathan) who I promise you cried most of the session the first week. The second week it stopped for at least 20 minutes. But there were tears EVERY week — finally we got to telling him he could cry for 5 minutes… and it got to be 30 seconds and then (Praise God) one night it was over.
    This will pass. Elias is a most excellent well loved boy and he’ll get there. And the adults in the church will get you and Nathan through this.
    It was SO good to see you three again today. You and Nathan are looking so — well “svelte.”


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