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Yesterday I received a book I had ordered in the mail entitled story maker. I ordered it because the author is one of my housemates from college, Molly VanBenthuysen. I wanted to support her. It is a book for children or for adults to do with children. I was really excited to find out that she had written the book, but after I read it, I felt so inspired.

I really enjoyed living with Molly for a year. Although busy schedules made it difficult for all of us in the house to hang out frequently, my senior year was definitely my favorite in college, largely because of where I was living.

I was so excited to see Molly letting God work through her in this book. The book is a message of hope for kids. Her theme is “God is writing a good story with your life…(even with the bad stuff!)” Elias is too young to get anything out of it yet. But I’ll definitely use it with him when he is older, and I recommend it to anyone with children who are a little bit older. Especially elementary age! The book offers opportunities for children to become familiar with scripture, reflect on their own lives, and to think about how God might be working in their lives. I think it is a terrific tool for teaching kids about the God they cannot see. Even though we cannot see Him, we can see evidence of His work.

I’m so glad Molly has found her place and that she is working in childrens ministry. Receiving and reading this book really made me inspired to work harder at developing my passions. Thank you, Molly for all your work!

If you are interested in finding more about the book, you can go to:

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