Honoring Grandma

My Grandma passed away five years ago. It is difficult for me to remember her as her “normal” self. I was still pretty young when she started showing signs of Alzheimer’s. But I was thinking of her as I took Elias on a walk to the park in order to enjoy one of our last sunny, warm days. Here is what I remember:

Rubbing sunscreen on her back at the swimming pool

Holding her wrinkly hands in mine…feeling the soft, soft skin

She was a wonderful speller

She was quiet, but spoke up when it mattered

Baking cookies together at her house…her special recipe of sugar cookies

Dusting her house with a dry (or sometimes wet) kleenex…she paid me a dollar too

Her lap…… perfect for cuddling

Watching her play cars with my brother

The way she smelled

The way she said my name…like I was special

The way she drank coffee from a mug

The taste of her favorite ice cream (pralines and cream)

I could go on and on if I had time. I was thinking of these things and a few tears slipped down my face as I was holding Elias and swinging. I grieved for the loss of her long before she was gone. So her actual death was almost a relief. As the warm sun beat down on my face today, I thought of my Grandma being welcomed into God’s open arms. No longer inhibited by that horrible disease. I smile to think of her there. I will always love you, Grandma.


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3 Responses to Honoring Grandma

  1. Nathan says:

    I’m sorry I never got to really know her.

  2. Jeff Bartle says:

    Note to Nathan: Nathan you would have liked her a lot. She held her pinochle cards in backwards order too.

  3. Linda says:

    Thank you for the memories! I miss my mom so much. Love you mom.

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