Kitchen Drawers

This morning I was making some pear baby food for Elias. He played happily in his “around the world” gym for most of it…but started to get a little unhappy as I was portioning it into the little containers so I took him out and got him a few toys to play with on the floor at my feet. Of course, that didn’t last long. He crawled over to explore some of the kitchen drawers. Usually he tries for the bottom one which is locked thanks to baby proofing technology, and since he can’t get in there, he goes to the second from the bottom, which holds oven mitts, hot pot holders…that kind of thing. That usually satisfies his curiosity. Today he decided that he wanted to explore the drawer that is second from the top….the random utensil drawer. You know, the one with the measuring cups and rolling pin, the pie server and mini spatula…that kind of stuff.

I figured I’d let him have some fun looking around in there so I took out all of the sharp objects such as the kitchen shears, pizza cutters, etc and let him play. He kept giving me looks like “Mom, what is wrong with you…can’t you see I’m making a mess? Why don’t you care?”

Well anyway…now we come to the point of this post. As I glanced in the drawer after he had removed most of the objects, what I saw disgusted me! There were crumbs, cat hairs, dust, all sorts of gross stuff. I was shocked. I’ve never cleaned in there because…well…everything that goes in it is clean. So why would I need to clean it? Maybe I’ve just had an epic fail at womanhood. Maybe everyone else knows that you’re supposed to clean your kitchen drawers. Maybe you all clean them once a week and think I’m disgusting….I don’t know. But I learned a valuable lesson today.

So I finished up the pears, and proceeded to take the rest of the stuff out of the drawer to clean it. Elias gave me a look of surprise yet again…and then lost interest…because it can’t be fun if mom does it too, right? I cleaned the drawer. So don’t worry…it is safe to come eat at our house again. Rest assured that we have clean utensils…and clean kitchen drawers too.

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  1. Brings back fond memories of our kids. Perhaps all children love pots,pans and kitchen cupboards.

    Thanks for the memories.

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