One Proud Husband

At the beginning of last year Kimberly began sponsoring a child overseas through World Vision. Recently she has taken on a second sponsor child. Kim does a lot more than send money. She writes a lot of letters and sends little care packages via international mail. This is borne from her great passion for helping those who are less fortunate and her caring nature.

So as time has gone by, Kim has gotten more and more interested in World Vision’s overall mission. We’ve donated to other programs besides sponsorship, and she follows their blog. When she discovered the Child Ambassador program, her interest was piqued. Child Ambassadors are “volunteers [who] inspire others to sponsor children by sharing how sponsorship has changed their life and the lives of children living in poverty.” It’s right up her alley.

After Kim described the program to me, I encouraged her to apply, and she did. After a long application form was submitted, she was contacted and scheduled for a phone interview. That phone interview is today. She got accepted to the program. You’ll probably hear more about it here, or possibly at a new blog Kim may be starting.

I am so proud of my wife!

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  1. Jeff Bartle says:

    One Proud Dad as well. If I didn’t say it already, “Congratulations Kimberly”. I think what you are doing is wonderful.

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