Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins was another item on our fall bucket list. Nathan and I had not done that yet in the five years we had been married, and decided that we wanted to do it this year. We got some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch last weekend, but had a difficult time finding time to carve them. This afternoon we found a chance and snatched it since it is almost Halloween! It turned out to be quite fun, but I did get a bit frustrated because I wasn’t strong enough to do what I wanted with the tools we had. Nathan helped me with my pumpkin as well as doing his. I got to scoop out all the innards and do all the fine detail work on mine so I think I’ll still say I carved a pumpkin. Here is our pumpkin carving in pictures:

Elias is finishing up his snack while we ready the pumpkin carving area.

Nathan cutting off the top of his pumpkin.

We let Elias explore some of the pumpkin innards. He loved feeling it and squishing it, and required an outfit change afterward.

Elias was a little unsure about the bowl of pumpkin after he tried eating a little of it. Yuck!

Nathan works on his pumpkin's design.

By the time Mommy worked on her pumpkin, Elias was about done with being in the high chair. He got down to play.

Mommy's pumpkin

Daddy's Pumpkin

After carving pumpkins, we had dinner this evening with Uncle Greg, Auntie Kristy, and Uncle Scott. Elias had lots of fun and got lots of attention.

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3 Responses to Carving Pumpkins

  1. Erin says:

    I am very impressed. In 10 years of marriage and this year being Audrey’s 5th Halloween, we still have yet to carve pumpkins. The fact that Jared does not trust me with knives nor fire are probably contributing factors. We do however buy them and put them on display for decoration.

  2. Jared says:

    Does Nathan’s pumpkin have the 4-Square symbol? Or, as Audrey would say, is it an homage to the Beaverton Square church?

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