Happy Halloween!

Daddy and Elias after opening their books! Elias liked the tissue paper more than what was inside.

Well this is a couple days late coming, but we’ve been busy living life here in the Smith household! We did have a lot of fun on Halloween so I thought I’d share some of the pictures. Last year we started celebrating “All Hallows Read,” so as soon as Nathan got home from work, I showered my favorite boys with some scary books. Elias got a monster board book lined with scary monster fur, along with a couple others including the Charlie Brown pumpkin one you can see in the photo. Any excuse to give books is a good one! I found these ones at a book warehouse for only a dollar or so each so it was even a better deal! It was pretty cute because our cat, Olive (who likes to be in the middle of everything) got into Elias’ gift bag and they were pretty much fighting over the tissue and the bag. No one cared about the books except Mommy and Daddy….but Elias has enjoyed them since then…after the tissue was put away.

Elias practicing handing out candy.


We went over to Grandpa and Grandma Bartle’s house for dinner and the rest of the evening. Elias tried lasagna for the first time. He generally likes things with tomato sauce on/in them so he did pretty well with it. Then it was time to help hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.

After awhile we got him all dressed up in his costume, and visited three houses to go “trick-or-treating.” Basically I just wanted to show him off to a couple of family friends.

Elias getting all dressed up for Halloween

He was all animated saying “hi” until they opened the door. Then he decided that being mute and straight faced was better. Oh well. He was still cute.

Overall it was a very fun filled evening.

Tiger on the prowl! Elias is trick-or-treating!

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