Zoo Lights: Round 2

Elias walking with Grandma and Daddy amongst all the lights.

Tonight we had our second trip to see the zoo lights. This time Grandma Smith came with us. We were treated to a yummy dinner, and then we headed off to the zoo. It was a perfect night for it! Cold but clear. Unfortunately, lots of other people were thinking the same thing. We were lucky enough to find a parking spot very quickly. The lights are so beautiful! We could probably go ten times and still see new ones!

This time we let Elias walk for the majority of the time. He walked a lot! We wished we had a pedometer so we could have measured it….but the zoo is huge, and he walked pretty much everywhere. It was a little difficult because he doesn’t understand yet that he can’t just walk in front of crowds of adults. But he had a blast. He hasn’t had so much freedom and so much space…probably ever. He also got to pet a goat, try some stairs, and watch a light up carousel.

Thanks Grandma Smith for a wonderful night! (More pictures below):

Elias loved looking at the goat. He got to touch its fur and its nose. The goat even nibbled on his mitten!

Here is my favorite display from tonight's zoo lights viewing.

Elias helped Grandma push the stroller.

Elias laughing as Daddy helps him down some stairs.

Elias likes pretending that he is playing drums. Here he is striking away on the public bench.

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  1. janet Roth says:

    When our Jon was two I took a class at UP and on the way home Jon and I would often stop at OMSI (which was in its original location) or the zoo. Jon loved the zoo and since in the winter in the daytime there were not too many people he could roam. You adventures with Elias reminded me of this and made me smile over both boys (Jon is almost 25 now.)

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