Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree!

Elias and Daddy as we just start to hunt for our perfect tree.

We went to get our Christmas tree this morning. The weather is still beautiful…but it was very foggy. Nathan and I unfortunately made some big parenting mistakes. It seems like that happens all too often. We knew Elias would want to walk around, but he only has one pair of shoes and I didn’t want them to get trashed in the mud. So we decided he should wear his mocassins because we don’t care if those get muddy. Bad decision. His feet got wet and freezing so we had to go back to the car to put on fresh socks and his real shoes (which didn’t actually get that muddy). Mistake number 2 was forgetting his mittens…which we also fixed when we went to get his shoes.

Elias proudly walking between Grandma Bartle and Mommy

The Smith Family in front of our tree before Nathan cut it down. Unfortunately, Elias wanted to be walking around instead of posing for pictures so he is a little glum.

The Bartle Men carry their huge tree down to the truck.

Nathan cutting down the tree we chose for his Mom.

Elias with his Uncles...they are looking at all the cows and discussing what would happen if one charged us.

Happy to be with Grandpa Bartle.

Overall Elias had tons of fun walking around and interacting with his Uncles and grandparents. He got to see some cows and calves up close…and even hear some real moooooing. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to having the tree in the house later tonight!


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  1. janet Roth says:

    K & N
    Don’t consider initially choosing the “wrong shoes” and forgetting mittens “Big Parenting Mistakes.” O my goodness…. parenting is all about living a 24/7 learning curve for 18 or 25 years! (then multiply that by the number of children you have in the end….) — doing the best you can in the moment, fixing things (you HAD spares in the car!), learning from your “mistakes” and most important – forgiving yourselves for not being perfect. (Possibly the Blessed Virgin Mary was a perfect mama, but she WAS human, so…….. and her son was human as well as divine, so undoubtedly precocious and challenging at times….)

    You two are great parents ——-it’s obvious to all of us who know you.

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