Elias playing when we got home from his haircut

Elias got his first haircut today. His first real haircut. (There was that time a few months ago where I trimmed just his bangs…but that doesn’t really count.) His bangs were really getting in his eyes, and his little curl in the back was starting to look like a rat tail so I decided it was time to get an actual haircut. I made an appointment with my hair lady…I wanted someone I could trust. I’ve gone to Janice about once a year since I was a little girl. Elias did pretty well. He didn’t cry…but didn’t enjoy the process much either. Here are some after pics:


The back!

The front!

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  1. Linda says:

    It looks great! Janice did a good job and I’m glad that Elias didn’t mind it too much! He looks so handsome.

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