Elias sitting in the sun!

Monday morning was beautiful here! The sky was so blue, and the sun was so bright. When I got Elias out of his crib, I opened his curtain and told him, “We have to go to the park and enjoy this sun!” After our morning routine, we did just that. Although, it was much colder than it looked. Even with hats and warm jackets I froze…I’m glad I brought him two blankets too!

Elias had so much fun swinging and sliding. It was our first trip to the park since like October or something (If you don’t count playing in the snow at the park in Sunriver). The biggest development was that Elias could climb up the play structure, sit down by the slide, get his legs in front of him, and slide down without my help at all. Then he walked around to do it all over again! Oh, he is growing up.

Elias enjoying the swing!

While we were at the park, a lady came by with her two dogs. Elias walked right up to them and pointed and said, “doggy.” She let him pet one of them, and he got his first doggy kiss. It was quite adorable.

I’m glad we got out for a nice walk and park play time…because this morning it snowed!

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