A Bit of Catch-Up

This week has been a bit different because Nathan was on a business/training trip in San Jose. I was left by myself with Elias for an extended period. Three nights is not very long, but we still missed him. Elias especially missed his Daddy around 5:00 when he normally gets home from work. He would say “Daddy home, Daddy home,” and point to the window where we normally watch for him walking up the street. Sometimes he went to try and open the front door. Luckily we were busy with classes and my parents graciously helped with dinner on two of the nights. I am so lucky!

On Friday morning we got to pick Nathan up from the airport. Elias and Daddy played lots on Friday afternoon. I love this picture of my two boys playing together.

Elias jumps into the water!

What else have we been up to? Swimming! We love signing Elias up for swimming classes…and he loves the water! The only drawback is that it is three nights a week for only three weeks. So when swimming is in session, we have so many nights taken up! Elias learned to jump into the pool this session, and he is also getting more comfortable going under water and floating on his back. He still does not like the kick board, and he can’t blow bubbles yet. (Although he does stick his mouth in the water!)

Elias practicing kicking.

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