Little Climber

Elias loves climbing on things these days. He climbs onto the couch. He climbs into his high chair on his own. He climbs into his car seat by himself. He even climbs the stairs to our condo.

Today when he saw our cat, Olive, napping in the rocking chair, Elias decided to climb up into the chair next to her. He was so proud and happy that he called out to Nathan and I so that we’d be sure to see him there. I snapped a couple of pictures of Elias petting Olive. (Notice poor Olive was no longer napping…but she did tolerate the petting for a few minutes before moving). Elias was hamming it up for the camera with his biggest, cheesiest smile. Unfortunately, the flash on the camera made him squint, and his smile went from “big beam” to “ahhh…bright!” Oh well.

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