Easter Eggs

When I was a little girl, I would sometimes get sad because I would realize that when I became the Mommy, there would be no one to hide Easter eggs for me to find on Easter morning. It must have been my Mom’s best kept secret, though, that it is actually more fun to fill and hide the Easter eggs than to hunt for them.

Nathan and I just finished filling some plastic eggs with stickers, goldfish crackers, pom-poms, and yes, a few chocolates. Then we went around our living room “hiding” them. I was giddy with the anticipation of watching Elias find them. I am so excited to see his little pointer finger sticking out to show us what he sees. I can’t wait to watch his eyes sparkle with delight as he finds a treasure inside each one. I’m sure there will be pictures to post of Elias’ first Easter egg hunt soon!

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  1. Linda says:

    You discovered the secret! It is so much fun to fill the eggs and watch your child find them with the wonder of discovery in their little faces.

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