Easter in Pictures

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday. We started new family traditions, we took Elias on his first (two) Easter egg hunts, we attended a nice Easter worship service at our church, we had a fun dinner with family, and it was a beautiful day to add to it all! Here is our Easter in pictures (I didn’t have the camera with me everywhere obviously, but here is what I captured of the day):

Elias found his Easter basket almost as soon as he woke up. He was excited to pull out the books, the bubbles, sun hat, and other treasures inside.

One of our new family Easter traditions is to read the resurrection story as a family. We got this story of the empty tomb to start out.

After reading the Easter story, Elias went on his first egg hunt. Elias found a few eggs right away.

Elias liked opening each egg as he found it instead of putting them in his basket. But then he got upset when we wouldn't let him eat the crackers or chocolates inside. I think we hid too many eggs too....there are still "unfound" eggs almost 48 hours later because he lost interest. Oh well. He had fun with the ones he did find.

After the egg hunt at home, we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast (another new Easter tradition) and got ready for church. Elias got to participate in his second Easter egg hunt in the woods behind St. Bart's.

He's almost got it!

Elias liked playing in the woods better than finding eggs. It was hard for me not to pick them up for him. But I'm sure there will be plenty of years for him to run around grabbing eggs by the handful. Yesterday, he just enjoyed himself.

Our family on Easter.

Then, Elias got to play in the nursery while Nathan and I attended the worship service.

When we got home, I had to bake a pie for Easter dinner later in the day. Nathan took Elias outside to play and enjoy the sunshine. He also allowed him to get dirt and grass stains. Boys will be boys.

Elias also got to try out his new bubble machine.

After putting the pie in the oven, I went outside to join the boys. I love watching Elias play on the bridge in the wetlands. Especially in this cute suit jacket.

Ok...time for lunch and a nap! It's been a big day so far!

In the evening, we hosted an Easter dinner at our house. Elias got to play with Grandpa and Grandma Bartle, Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy, Great Uncle Jim and Great Auntie Jeani, and Grandma Smith. This morning he enjoyed playing with the dump truck Grandma Smith brought for him.

Overall it was a wonderful Easter.

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  1. janet Roth says:

    I’m glad you can relax with the dirt/ grass stains/ mud/ wet that just is part of the little boy “package.” Does Elias have rubber boots for walking through mud puddles? If not this year, maybe next….. Those are as important in NW Oregon a having an assortment of balls and Duplos!

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