Funny Face Dinner

Funny Face Dinner #1: Hot dog mouth, ketchup moustache, orange slice eyes, sweet potatoe fry hair, and crouton nose. I didn't have a lot to work with on this meal, but it was still pretty fun.

I’ve been trying to live more intentionally. As a mother, a Christian, a wife, but mostly just as a person. I’ve been trying to notice the little things. I’ve been trying to stop and just live life in the moment…not caring about messes or rushing off to somewhere else. Of course I can’t achieve this all the time, but I’ve been trying.

So…when I saw a facebook friend post a picture of the funny face lunch she made for her daughter, I decided I had to do it too. Elias is still a bit young to fully appreciate funny face meals, but hey, I’ve got to get into the habit soon if I’m going to do it when it really matters to him, right? Maybe I can help Elias enjoy the little things in life too.

Last night we barbequed since the weather was pretty nice, and I tried my first funny face dinner. Hopefully there will be many more to come!

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