Indiana: The Best Part

Four Generations of Smith Men

The reason we went to Indiana, and the best part of going, was to visit family. As I mentioned before, Nathan has quite a lot of family living in Indiana. We were so blessed because my father-in-law opened his home to us, and allowed us to stay in his home for ten days. He has more space than we do at home so we all fit very comfortably. Elias even got to sleep in his own room!

Elias pointing out the buttons on Great Grandma's shirt.

Some of the time I tell myself these trips to the Midwest are mostly for Nathan and Elias. I think I sometimes take for granted the fact that my parents are in town and I can see them almost any time I want. It was so fun for me to see how happy it makes Nathan to see his Dad in person. I think he misses his Dad more than he lets on. Those two can go on about history and sports (and history of sports) for hours. And I want Elias to know all of his grandparents…not just the ones in town.

A picture with Great Grandpa after church

But like most things, I seem to learn how wrong I am every time we go. This trip was not just for the boys. It was for me too. I love my father-in-law more and more every time I see him. All of Nathan’s family is so loving. They are my family too.

Besides being able to spend all of our time in the Midwest with my father-in-law, we were able to see lots of other family too.

Elias enjoyed the popcorn tradition very much!

Both Sundays in the area we were able to attend church at Hickman Heights, where Uncle Dave is the minister. Then we were welcomed into their home for delicious meals, Sunday afternoon naps, and other family traditions such as Sunday evening popcorn.

Elias was pretty nervous at first to meet everyone. There were times when he didn’t want anyone to even look at him. If

Elias enjoying his time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Barb....and the M&Ms didn't hurt either.

he saw someone coming near, he would say “no!” and turn his head into my shoulder. Meal times were especially difficult, and we had many high chair meltdowns during the week. It was a bit painful for me to see him be so shy…especially around such loving and good people. But Elias warmed up on his own time. He enjoyed looking at all the pictures of his second cousins on Aunt Barb’s wall. She patiently told him who they all were as he pointed to their

Counting toes with Great Grandma and Aunt Barb

pictures. He enjoyed having Great Grandma count his toes.

We also were able to stop by Nathan’s cousin’s house in Columbus, IN. They cooked us a very tasty dinner on our way home from Cincinatti. Elias got a chance to meet six of his second cousins, and had fun playing out back. We were grateful we got the chance to see them even if it was only for a couple hours.

Elias playing in the field with two of his second cousins.

Every time we go to Indiana, we leave wishing we could go back more often. Unfortunately due to finances, vacation time, and other factors, we cannot. We really treasured the time with family, and we are already looking forward to our next trip, whenever it may be.

Nathan was excited to play this impromptu baseball game with some of the kiddos. I think he can't wait until Elias is old enough to play too.

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