Indiana: Monday the Rest Day

Who's this funny guy with me on the bench, Mom?

Monday was the second full day we were in Indiana, and we decided to mostly just rest and let Elias catch up on the time change. We played at home for a lot of the day, but we did go to Columbian Park, which was a short drive from Grandpa Smith’s house. They had many different playground structures all specifically targeting certain age groups. Elias loved swinging and going on the slide. Then, we rode the train around the park. Elias had a lot of fun.

In the evening, we were joined for dinner

The boys on the train

by some distant relatives. Paul and Dorothy McKowen…get ready for it….Nathan’s Dad’s Sister’s Husband’s Sister and her husband. (Or…Uncle Dave’s sister and her husband) My father-in-law made us a delicious meal. Elias was again extremely shy. We were surprised because he seemed ok interacting with them before dinner, but got extremely upset at the dinner table. Oh well…he calmed down in a short while, and we all enjoyed dinner. It was my first time meeting Paul and Dorothy, but Nathan has spent time with them before. They are extremely nice, well educated people and I was glad to meet them.

We had a suicide duck during our train ride. Luckily it moved at the last second...and our train could slow down and speed up pretty easily.


It was a good rest day!







The four of us on Monday evening after dinner.

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