Indiana: His First MLB Game

The boys just outside the stadium

The real reason we drove to Cincinnati was to attend a Reds game. As we were planning our trip to Indiana, Nathan and I decided we wanted to go to a Major League Baseball Game. There are quite a few teams within driving distance (Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukie, etc.) However, due to having a toddler to deal with, we didn’t want to spend too much time in the car. Cincinnati seemed like a good place to go. And it was!

The boys waiting for the game to start

We attended a Reds vs. Braves night game. It was Elias’ first Major League Baseball game. We had prepared Elias well by reading and talking a lot about baseball before we went to Indiana, and he has also been to see his Daddy’s rec softball games. All the preparation worked. Elias was able to watch the game and he clapped when the pitcher threw the ball. He said “bat” and “ball” quite frequently during the game. He pointed and cheered and was generally very happy for the first half or so.

Elias excitedly pointing to what is happening in the game

Elias even got his first chance to be on a jumbotron. He showed up on the big screen in the first couple innings. We were (of course) very excited. How often do you get that chance in life?

One of the most exciting parts of the game was when the catcher of the Reds hit a grand slam. The crowd understandably went wild, and some fireworks went off. Nathan and I were of course cheering as well. However, I looked over at Elias who was sitting on Grandpa Smith’s lap. I saw

Sitting with grandpa Smith at the Great American Ballpark

his mouth wide open, eyes closed, face red. He was screaming and crying! All of the noise scared him, but no one could hear him because it was so loud. I quickly took him from Grandpa and gave him lots of hugs and kisses, but he never really fully recovered after that. (Plus he was getting quite tired…it was a night game afterall).

Despite the scare of the grand slam, we thought our first MLB game with Elias was a lot of fun.

Mommy was there too.

Man these guys really are athletes.

A view of the ballpark


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  1. Erin says:

    Enjoyed the Indiana blog posts! Glad you had such a nice visit.

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