Indiana: The Long Day

Elias pauses for a photo in the midst of running around the grass at a rest stop.

Thursday was the long day of our trip…but it was tons of fun. We woke up earlier than usual, and drove from Lafayette to Cincinnati, Ohio. Elias did well in the car, but he was very glad when we stopped at a rest stop and let him run around in the grass for awhile.

When we arrived in Cincinnati, we actually drove across the Ohio river into Kentucky. Our first destination was the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. (Not to be confused with the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon). We ate some lunch, and then entered the aquarium. Grandpa Smith treated us to a couple very fun hours in there. There were lots of interesting animals to see. Elias

Elias compares himself to "Mighty Mike" the crocodile. The poster was so big I couldn't even come close to fitting it all in the picture.

was in heaven. He walked around and pointed and said “fishy” about every three seconds. The only down side of the aquarium visit was dodging about a hundred or more middle-schoolers who were there on a field trip.

We spent a lot of time in the sharks exhibit. They also had some interesting jelly fish and frogs. The aquarium even boasts “Mighty Mike”…a very large crocodile, as well as many other alligators and crocodiles to see.

After the aquarium, we checked into our hotel in Cincinatti, and took a nap for a couple of hours before heading for the Reds game…but that is for another post. Here are some more pictures of our aquarium visit:

Elias and Daddy watch a ray pass overhead in one of the tunnels.

Elias and Grandpa Smith play on the giant frogs.

A creepy alligator.

A view of Cincinnati and the Ohio River from Kentucky.

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