Indiana: The Final Post

The boys watching some sort of monkeys.

It’s been a long time since I wrote about our trip to Indiana…but there is one more event from our trip I want to share. On Friday we woke up in Cincinnati after seeing the ballgame the previous evening, and we went to the Cincinnati Zoo.

My poor father-in-law had to experience the “me-in-a-bad-mood” in the morning. We literally could not find a place to eat breakfast in Cincinnati. (Hence the bad mood). We ended up finding a McDonald’s about four minutes before they closed for breakfast. I did not want to eat there (more bad mood), but when you are desperate, I guess you can’t be choosy.

Anyway, we ate some breakfast, and headed over to the zoo. Elias had a lot of fun looking at all of the animals, and there were many exhibits there with animals he had never seen in real life! It was very hot though, and my energy was almost non-existent after only a few hours.

Elias and Mommy on the zoo train. Can you tell we were a bit overheated?

We got to take a ride on the zoo train which was a way to cool off and rest a bit. Elias also had his first petting zoo experience. He got to go inside the goat enclosure and pet many different goats (and a few sheep). One of the goats even half ran him over and he survived to tell about it! I was surprised that Elias liked touching the goats since he had seemed nervous about them when he was still outside the pen. But I’m glad we went in because he had a blast pointing and petting.

Most of all it was just another fun day spent with Grandpa Smith. Here are some pictures from our day at the zoo:

Look! It's a goat!

Tentatively touching a goat....

Hey! This is fun!

Elias peeking through a hole into the rhino exhibit

And some animals Elias had never seen in real life before this trip:



Komodo Dragon


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