Rose Garden

One of the more fragrant and beautiful roses we saw. I loved how big and open they all were. So different from cut flowers!

Nathan and I have really been wanting to go to Multnomah Falls. Since this weekend was gorgeous, we decided it would be a fun time to go. However, Nathan also wanted to take me on a date to see a movie, and we wanted to get together with his Mom, so we decided we probably couldn’t do all of those things in one day. Instead of Multnomah Falls, we headed to an equally beautiful place….that is much closer. The Rose Garden!

This lavender was one of my favorites...definitely don't see this color often.

Unfortunately, Elias was in an extremely cranky mood when we first arrived. We suspect he is teething, but there is no proof yet…except for the fact that he chews on his fingers so much that his current teeth leave indentations on his skin! Nathan was nice enough to chase a cranky Elias around for a few minutes while I took some time to stop and smell the roses. Elias was more interested in the stairs and the wildflowers growing in the grass than the roses. He sat down in a form of passive resistance every time we tried to make him go where he didn’t want to go. After a few minutes, I carried Elias around and got him interested in the roses too. He made it his job to make sure that both Mommy and Daddy each smelled the roses at every new bank.

After awhile, we decided to take a break in the shade. Elias opened up a bit and started having more fun. He ran around in the grass, explored a very large tree, tested his head stand abilities, and played in a fountain. Here are some pictures of those adventures:

Finally becoming interested in the roses!

Resting in the shade with Daddy

Elias wandered a ways between the rose bushes before coming back to the safety of Mommy and Daddy

Elias practicing head stands

Elias laughing at himself. What a goof.

Elias took this picture.

Playing in the fountain

Taste the goodness! Hood strawberries leave their mark on Elias' face.

After we were done at the Rose Garden, we went to the big playground that is only a short walk away. Elias loved going down the slides. Then we sat down at a picnic table for a snack of some delicious Hood Strawberries.

When we got home we ate lunch and put Elias down for a nap. Grandma Smith came over to keep Elias safe while Nathan and I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. It was a good movie. Then we came home and spent some time with Grandma Smith. All in all, a very good Saturday!

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