Indiana: Turkey Run State Park (In Pictures)

On Wednesday of our trip to Indiana, my father-in-law decided to take us to Turkey Run State Park. Again, because it was a school day, the place was nearly deserted. It was a beautiful (but very warm) day. We briefly took Elias on a hike until it got a bit too muddy and rugged. We took a mini hike to a log church, and we let Elias play on a fun playground. Elias was super tired and sweaty. He slept really well after this. We went to Uncle Dave and Aunt Barb’s to visit for dinner, and Elias got quite tired while we were there. When we got home, he needed a bath to clean off all the sweat and dirt. Here is our day in pictures:

At the start of our hike. Elias and Mommy saw a lizard and some birds!

Elias hiking in the canyon with Daddy.

Here you can see Grandpa Smith in the canyon ahead of us. We were commenting how it is amazing that these formations are just plopped in the middle of miles and miles of corn fields.

The log church. The pews looked a bit splintery and uncomfortable.

Elias learned how to climb this chain ladder while we were at the playground. He also overcame his fear of tall twisty slides.

Tired boy after we left the Park.

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