Indiana: The Dunes

The boys on the short hike to the beach.

As we were planning what to do while in Indiana, my Father-in-law suggested a trip to the dunes. On Tuesday, we drove up to Lake Michigan and had a beautiful day playing in the sand. I had been meaning to pack Elias’ sand toys, but forgot in the frenzy of packing, so we stopped at the evil empire (Walmart) and bought him a pack of sand toys for only $5. (I guess I can kind of see the appeal). It was one of the best $5 we’ve ever spent. Elias loved those sand toys…and he loved playing in the sand!

The weather was gorgeous, and because school was still in, we had the beach almost to ourselves. It was so clear that we could see the Chicago skyline way across the lake.

Elias playing in the sand. I can't get over how much Lake Michigan looks like the ocean!

Elias had fun playing in the dry sand the most, but loved it when Grandpa Smith helped him build castles with the wet sand. He unfortunately did not enjoy being dipped in the lake (the water was freezing!), but quickly recovered and didn’t let it ruin his fun.

After we were done at the beach, we decided to drive into Michigan for some ice cream since it was only a

The boys at Oinks.

few minutes away. Grandpa Smith knew of a really great ice cream shop called “Oinks” near the border. It is funny how being with other people can teach me so much. If I were by myself I probably never would have gone inside that ice cream shop. I don’t know why….I just wouldn’t have. But it was one of the most fun ice cream shops I’ve ever been in. Hopefully we’ll make it back some day.

Elias happy at his very late dinner.

The real adventure of the day, though, was that somehow we lost an hour. By the time we made it back to Lafayette, we were ready for dinner thinking it was around 7:00. But really, it was 8:00! No wonder I was hungry. I was afraid we’d get dirty looks for having a toddler out to dinner so late. But Elias was happy and hammed it up for the camera as he tried his first biscuit!

It was such a fun day that we spent together! Here are a couple more pictures of our time at the beach:

Building sand castles with Grandpa Smith

Mommy was there too!

Playing with Daddy

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