Survival Mode

We’ve been in survival mode for a week or so now in the Smith household. After five years of teaching summer school, I thought I was going to have the summer free. It turned out, though, that the director of the summer school program I have worked with for the past five years really needed a teacher for 5th/6th grade, and didn’t want to hire someone new. I am very glad to go back for a sixth year because I love teaching…but it has again made me wonder how working moms do it all year. There was no laundry done until Saturday. The kitchen sink was almost always a mess. I missed Elias. Our dinners were not as elaborate or healthy. And I was tired. Bone tired.

The program is only five weeks….and I’m one down already. And it’s worth it for me to stay involved in the teaching field. The program I work for, AASK, is a very good one. But it’s been hard. It’s been hard feeling like I’m not as good of a Mom because I’m too tired to get off the floor and play or because I’m too tired to cook healthy meals or provide a clean house for my husband and son. But that is not all that makes a good Mom, and besides, I am more than just a Mom.

I don’t know how much I’ll blog in the next couple of weeks…like I said, we’re in survival mode. But Elias is doing well. We are so lucky he can stay with Grandpa and Grandma Bartle while I am working. He has been very happy.


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  1. janet Roth says:

    If Elias is happy (and getting some grandparent time which I’m certain makes his grandparents happy since who would not want to spend time with Elias?) a few weeks of dishes in the sink and a mom who snuggles and naps with you instead of playing, will be a tiny blip. Enjoy being a teacher — you have such gifts for that important work!

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