Happy Father’s Day!

My boys on Father's Day. Elias is pointing to the baseball on his shirt and saying "Wow"

It was Daddy’s day today at our house. When Elias woke up, I brought him into our bedroom and he woke up Nathan with an excited “Hi Daddy!” Almost the first thing Elias says every morning is “Daddy.” I think he wonders if Nathan is home or not. He is always excited on the days when Nathan is home with us instead of at work!

Elias got to give his Daddy a specially illustrated card along with some gifts. Then we headed off to church.

The boys ready for swimming. Nathan is wearing swimshorts. I promise. You can see them if you look closely.

After church, lunch, and Elias’ nap, we went to fulfill our 2nd annual Father’s Day swim tradition. Last year when I asked Nathan what he would like to do for a Father’s Day tradition, he chose to go swimming. Last year it was one the first times we had taken Elias to a public pool. It was amazing to see how much he has grown in the water in just one year! Elias was splashing, kicking, blowing bubbles, and his favorite….he loved going down the water slide! He asked for “more, more.” Elias also jumps in the pool from the side while standing without holding on to our hands. He is very trusting…and a good water baby.

After swimming, we came home for a simple Father’s Day barbeque, and a family walk. Then we got to try out our Stir Crazy popcorn popper for the

Elias thoroughly enjoying his popcorn. When I came to sit down next to him, he kept stealing from my bowl to keep his full! Oh...and for the record....I did not choose this outfit combination. Just saying.


first time! When we went to Indiana, Aunt Barb made us popcorn from her Stir Crazy both Sundays we were there. It is one of their family traditions. When we were talking about the trip, Nathan revealed to me that he’s always wanted a stir crazy. He has memories from when he was very little of eating Stir Crazy popcorn at his Grandpa and Grandma’s house. It was one of his unfulfilled wishes. So I went on amazon and found one! It arrived at our house yesterday, and we are on our way to our own family tradition! No more microwave popcorn. No more butter or chemicals. Just yummy popcorn. Elias was in heaven, and Nathan thought it was a great finish to his Daddy’s Day.

Nathan with our freshly popped popcorn from the Stir Crazy!

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