Birthday Fun

Elias jumping in the water.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had the day off of work, so it was a relaxing day. Nathan had taken us out to dinner on Thursday evening because on Fridays we have swimming. Elias and I played and relaxed in the morning, and went over to my parents’ to eat lunch. In the evening I got to go swimming with Elias. His favorite part is jumps. Every time we passed the wall he pointed to it and said, “please, more.” He jumps in from a standing position without holding on to

Elias is supposed to be walking across the table...but is instead trying to get to the wall so he can do jumps.

our hands, and he doesn’t care if he goes under the water. We are trying to get him to blow bubbles, but as of now he just drinks the water, or simply puts his mouth in, and then claps his hands. We’ll keep working on that one.

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