Kitty Love

I’ve written before about Elias and our cats. He really loves them, and they treat him pretty well too. However, there have been some break-throughs in the last couple of days that I have been wanting to share and record.

1. Previously, Elias called both of our cats (and all other cats, really) “Hermione”. He has just recently started calling Olive by her real name. Yay!

2. Elias enjoys hugs. And when he gets into a hugging mood, he likes to hug everyone around. He’ll hug me, then Daddy, then me again…or if grandpa and grandma are there they get included too. Just recently, Elias started including the kitties in his hugging rotation. He hugs me, then Hermione, then Nathan, then Olive….etc. He even goes looking for them if they are not close. It is quite adorable to watch.

3. This morning, I was folding laundry, and Elias came in to the room. He dumped the remains of the laundry on the floor, and left with laundry basket. One of the things he did with it was give Olive “rides.” He pushed her across the floor running and laughing.

Pictures of the above events are included below:

Elias hugging Hermione. She was a little unsure, but eventually settled down and let him cuddle with her.

More hugs

Elias giving Olive a ride in the laundry basket

Elias picks up the speed for a more interesting ride.

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