Cannon Beach!

The three kiddos playing independently with Haystack Rock in the background. I had wanted a better picture, but they were moving too fast. I'm glad they had fun.

Today we went to Cannon Beach with Nana, Auntie Erin, Uncle Jared, and cousins Sonya and Audrey. Poor Nathan had to stay home and work. It was a bit chilly for my taste…but then it is a rare day that isn’t for me at the beach…and I guess I should look on the bright side and realize I got to skip a scorcher in the valley.

Here is Elias in the hole I dug. He is waist deep in sand!

Elias didn’t really head toward the ocean this time, and I didn’t encourage him. We just stayed by our “spot” and ate a picnic and played in the sand. We played in the sand for hours, and Elias could have stayed much longer if I would have let him. He was still getting down in the sand after I had already changed him back into his normal clothes. He enjoyed building castles and using the molds to make interesting

Elias and Sonya enjoying the sand slide

shapes. I dug a deep hole that ended up being perfectly sized for Elias. He got down in there and hung out for a long while. Then he enjoyed burying himself in sand almost up to his waist. Other highlights included a larger hole dug by myself and Nana which became a “slide” for the little ones.

Elias and Audrey playing together at Red Robin.

After our fun beach day, Elias conked out for a very late nap. We had to wake him up after only an hour or so to go to dinner (Nana treated us to Red Robin…yumm!). Elias was quite a cranky boy for awhile, but perked up once it was time to eat. He had lots of fun with cousin Audrey and drinking straws! A wonderful day spent at the beach with family.

Elias digging in the sand.

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