Cooking, Baking, and a Birthday Party

I was a busy lady today. I had fun making a meal to take to a friend who had a baby a month or so ago, and I made a birthday cake for my niece. I was lucky to have my parents take Elias for the day so that I could do all that cooking and baking without a little one hanging on my legs. Elias had fun swimming in the wading pool. He even got to nap at Baba’s house.

I have to admit, I’m quite proud of the cake I made. I searched online for ideas for my niece (she’s turning 5), and found a cute butterfly. I made a few changes to make it my own. Here is a close up:

I had a bit of left over batter and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I have been wanting to use my mini cupcake pan for awhile now so I made some mini cupcakes and turned them into something to be used with the butterfly theme. Recognize this?

When Nathan got home from work, we packed up all of our gear and headed to Nana’s house for the birthday celebration. Elias was a little wary at first of all the “new” people at Nana’s house. But he warmed up quickly and enjoyed playing trains with his cousins. He handed the pieces, and Sonya put the track together.

After dinner, it was time for dessert. Audrey seemed to enjoy her butterfly cake. At the very least she liked the frosting. Here is the birthday girl:

We took lots of photos of the cake and the birthday girl and everyone getting ready to sing. There were party hats galore.

Then, I quote, (from Audrey) “Ok, enough with the pictures. I want to taste the frosting.” I suppose we had probably taken way more pictures than necessary. I love my niece! Here is the official “taste.”

After singing, Elias asked Auntie Erin to pick him up. Then he proceeded to try and take off his party hat. Those chin straps to get annoying after awhile.

During the present opening, Elias enjoyed sitting on Nana’s lap for awhile. Sonya saw what she was missing and soon joined the fun so that Grandma had a lap full of grandchildren.

Audrey enjoyed opening her presents. Here she is opening a clip on angry birds thing for her backpack. We got her a Rapunzel doll, some princess dive sticks for the pool, some fun erasers, and a butterfly magnetic game.

After the gift opening, it was quite late…already an hour past Elias’ bedtime and we weren’t even home. It was time to pack up and say goodbye. We will be looking forward to seeing our Spokane family a lot over the next week or so!


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