Sunriver: Other Highlights

We had a lot of fun getting away for a long weekend. There were lots of highlights to our trip besides the black butte hike and the swimming pool.

Elias and Grandma

1. Family – The main highlight was spending time with family. Elias loves seeing Baba and Ahma and Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy. He had six adults to choose from at (almost) all times. He got read to, wrestled with, held, loved, and more. It was also quite nice for Mommy and Daddy. I think I got more reading done over the weekend than I have in a long time.

Elias and Auntie Kristy








Deer watching with Daddy

2. Deer Watching – We saw a lot of deer come around our house, and we saw lots when we were out and about on walks as well. Elias loved pointing out the Mommy and the baby deer. We also saw a male buck with small antlers on our last morning there.

The deer he is looking at in the above picture.







Elias and Baba looking at the horses

3. Bike Ride – We rented a bike trailer so Elias could go on a bike ride with us. He loved riding along. We went to the Deschutes river and rode along a river loop. It was quite beautiful. We also stopped by the stables and said “hello” to some horses. Elias did not really want to be anywhere near the horses. The ride was so smooth that Elias ended up falling asleep on our way back to turn in the trailer!

Elias and Daddy and Lava Lands

4. Lava Land Visitor Center – On Sunday, everyone else left, and just the three of us had the place to ourselves. Nathan took Monday off so that we could have an extra long weekend. We decided to go take a look at the Lava Butte and the Lava Lands Visitor Center. We really enjoyed some of the paths, and the views from both the bottom and the top, but we didn’t spend a whole lot of time there because it was miserably hot to be out in the sun.

From the top of Lava Butte! You can sort of see the lava field and the forest in the background.


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  1. Linda says:

    Just like you said, the best part was spending time with family. It was a wonderful weekend and we had a great time! I’m also really excited about getting my “Ahma” name from Elias!

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