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This afternoon I went to open Elias’ door and curtain around 4:00. I usually do this to help him wake up from his nap…as long as he has been asleep at least two hours already. If he sleeps much longer … Continue reading

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Hermione’s Teeth Adventure

The first time a veterinarian told me about the cleaning of my cat’s teeth, the look on my face must have been quite amusing. Really? Put a cat under anesthesia? For a teeth cleaning? But now four years later, I … Continue reading

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Kitty Love

I’ve written before about Elias and our cats. He really loves them, and they treat him pretty well too. However, there have been some break-throughs in the last couple of days that I have been wanting to share and record. … Continue reading

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Elias does chores!

I’ve talked about Elias helping me with chores before…such as unloading the dishwasher or doing laundry. Today I think he did his first official chore all by himself. We were playing with his tool bench when I heard the washer … Continue reading

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Cat Fight!

It’s Olive v. Hermione in a fight for cat tower supremacy: Thanks to Scott, Kristy, Greg, and Jeff for making the cat furniture for us for Christmas. The kitties love it!

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Changes for cats

The total transformation of our office into the baby’s room (more on that later) has been quite an adventure for our cats. In general cats get nervous about any minor change in their domain, and we have been making a … Continue reading

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We have to keep our bikes inside temporarily. One of our cats (Olive) has since taken to sleeping with a bike instead of with us.

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