A Baby Update – 35 Weeks

Well we are T minus five or so weeks from the due date for little Smith #2. It seems that our list of things “to-do” before the baby comes just keeps getting longer each day rather than shorter. Granted, I did check off “make an appointment to get some trouble issues looked at for our car” and “pre-register at the hospital” today. We also have probably settled on his first name. But those few things don’t look like much in comparison to a long list!

I keep telling myself that the baby just needs a place to sleep and a few clean clothes. But neither of those things are ready….so it doesn’t help much.

Besides being a bit stressed, though, things are going well. I hit a rough patch in the “sleep” area…but added yet another pillow to the regimen and have slept well for two nights in a row now! My blood pressure was high at a dr. appointment, and there was a small pre-eclampsia scare…but after keeping track of my blood pressure for a few weeks now, it seems to be staying in the normal range. The baby moves and kicks and squirms to let me know he’s there (just in case I forgot….).

Elias has started kissing my tummy. Our family feels blessed!


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