Yesterday morning as I was doing some laundry, I left Elias to his own devices amongst his toys. After I had loaded and started the washer, I came around the corner to find that he had sat himself down in front of the “chalkboard” side of his easel and started working. Usually I set it up on the table for him, but he thought the floor was just fine I guess.

When I asked Elias about his drawing, he explained to me that it was the Little Drummer Boy and his drum. I thought that was quite cute. So here it is – The Little Drummer Boy and his Drum (sorry about the crooked picture):

After I took the picture, and we talked about his drawing for a bit, he decided to add some more. When I asked him what he was adding, he said “dinosaurs.” Excellent.

Later, we erased the drawing, and he started over. He drew lots of different things, but he always had an idea in mind before he started. An artist in the making!

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