Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a relaxing day with family for us. We woke up, and Elias opened a few gifts from us. We got him a table top easel with art supplies and an art smock. So far he has loved it!

We headed over to Ama and Baba’s around 10:00, and we were there for the rest of the day! Elias didn’t have much interest in opening presents over there. He had major present fatigue. He mostly just wanted to play and do his normal routine. He had fun playing with his auntie and uncles as well. In the afternoon, my Uncle Jim and Auntie Jeani joined us. We had a very yummy Christmas meal. It was a very relaxing day for me…although I didn’t have to host…but it was a perfect way to celebrate Jesus and kick off the season of Christmas!

Here is our day in pictures:

Elias on Christmas morning at home.

Excited to try out his new easel!

Reading a story with Baba

Opening his gift from Uncle Greg

His very own fishing pole! Can you guess who got it for him?

The boys in matching Moose Creek jackets.

Elias loves this rocking horse. My Uncle Jim made it by hand when I was a bit younger than Elias.

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