First fishing trip!

Elias had an important milestone this past Saturday: he went on his first fishing trip!

We woke up around 6:15am, which is definitely early for Elias. But after a bit of breakfast he was awake and ready for action. And what could be more fun that getting in the truck with dad, an uncle, and a grandpa, driving to the lake, getting in a boat, and going fishing? Luckily it was not even very cold for the little guy.

Elias brought along his toy fishing pole, and Uncle Scott rigged it up with some real tackle and put it in the water. Eli kept busy with snacks, reading, some dinosaurs, and driving the boat with Baba.

Elias' pole deployed with real tackle.

Elias’ pole deployed with real tackle.

Boat driving

Driving the boat.

We didn’t catch anything. But that is OK. It was a good way to set expectations about future fishing trips!

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