Springtime Walk

walkNone of us had gotten much time outside on this beautiful day for one reason or another. As sunset approached, that was a tragedy I just could not live with! I sent Elias and Nathan out for some fresh air in the beautiful weather while I nursed Simon. Then, I headed out to find them a few minutes later.

It was fun taking a walk out with Simon. The wetlands behind our place is so alive right now. Trees are budding. Birds are singing. I could feel them calling us outside. Simon was wide eyed and looking all around. I could just see the wonder and interest. I could imagine his little brain starting to process all the new sights. It was quite fun.

We weren’t able to catch up with Elias and Daddy until the very end of the walk, but we took a fun family photo outside, and I snapped a picture of all my boys walking together. Here’s to many more similar evenings!

P1110012 walk

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  1. W^L+ says:

    Great to see that you’ve healed enough to be able to lift Elias again. That should help him feel continued connection with you.

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