Tummy Time and a Tower

Simon watched Elias and Mommy build this tower.

Simon watched Elias and Mommy build this tower.

This afternoon during play time Elias and I built a house out of duplos. Then Elias decided that we needed to use all of the blocks to build a tower. We worked on it together. Then, after it was finished, he wanted to take a picture of it. I helped him take this picture of the house/tower. He was very proud of it, but then wanted to knock it over. I convinced him to wait until Daddy saw it first. Elias did wait to show it to Daddy, but not even five seconds after Daddy saw it, Elias had knocked it down. I guess that’s the most fun part, right?

After Daddy got home and settled in, I decided Simon needed some tummy time. Similar to (pretty much) all babies, he is not a big fan of tummy time. Today I decided to prop him up a bit on the boppy pillow to see if he enjoyed it any more than being flat. Elias always liked being propped up on the boppy, but we didn’t start that until he was three or four months old so I didn’t know how Simon would take to it at 6 weeks. He did like it better than being flat on his tummy, but he only lasted for a few minutes. Here are some cute pictures of his tummy time:


Mom, this again? Get me off of here!


Simon peeking up over the pillow

Tummy time

Just hanging out


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