He’s A Bigun’ (But We Already Knew That)

We had Simon’s 2 month well check up today. He is a healthy boy! His pediatrician was entranced by his smiles just like everyone else.

It was the first time Simon was weighed or measured since he was two weeks old…needless to say…he’s grown a lot! Here are his stats:

Weight: 16 pounds 0.8 ounces (off the charts)

Height: 24.5 inches (90th percentile)

He also had three shots plus an oral vaccine. He did really well with it. He cried pretty hard while receiving the shots, but as soon as I picked him up he stopped crying…he sure gave the medical assistant an earful though! He wanted to be sure she knew what he thought of her!

He has slept most of the day since his appointment. We were able to keep him up from 6:30 to 8:00, and now he is down for bed time. Hopefully all that sleep earlier won’t make it a rough night for us!

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