Makeshift Backyard

Elias drawing with chalk on the balcony

Elias drawing with chalk on the balcony

During this beautiful weather we’ve been having (mid 70’s and sunny!) I’ve really missed having a backyard. We have a grassy area in our complex, but it is often filled with dog poo so we don’t go there. Other than that, a park is a fair walk away. So…we only have a few chances to get outside each day between naps and meals for two kids. I was feeling a bit frustrated to be looking out at the sun from inside as Simon napped today. Elias kept asking and asking and asking to do chalk, but I couldn’t go outside with the baby napping.

Finally, I let him out on the balcony to draw chalk there. I was reluctant, but figured that chalk is easily cleaned up. Our balcony floor could probably use a good wash anyway. He had a great time out there drawing, and was also fascinated with watching the birds in the trees only a few feet away. Our makeshift backyard worked well today. We got to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine only a few feet away from the napping baby.

As a side note, today was the first time that I’ve really seen Elias draw something that looks like what he says it is. Usually, he draws a bunch of scribbles and then says “It’s a stegosaurus” or something like that. Today he was drawing shapes that actually looked like what he said. He drew a pretty realistic square, rectangle, triangle, and half circle. There were no perfect 90 degree angles or anything….but they had the correct number of sides and proportions!

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