Happy Momma’s Day

Elias and Nathan made me this card.

Elias and Nathan made me this card.

Yesterday was Mothers Day. It was a wonderful day spent with my boys. The morning started out nicely. We got to sleep in until 6:00 or so, with only one middle of the night feeding around 3. Nathan made me breakfast. We went to church. Then most of the rest of the day we just stayed around here and played together.

The sweetest moment of my day came in the afternoon. I had put Simon down for a nap and gotten a bit done on the finances. Elias was in quiet time so I decided to lay down on the couch for a few minutes. When Elias came out of quiet time, I was laying on the couch with my eyes closed…but not asleep. He came up to me, kissed me on the lips, and said, “Happy Momma’s Day. Open your eyes. You wake up.”

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