Memorial Day Weekend – A Lot of “Firsts”

We took advantage of the long weekend to get out of town for the first time since Simon was born. As a result, we had a lot of firsts this weekend. We had a lot of fun together as a family. Here are some of our firsts:

Simon’s first long car trip

The trip to Sunriver was just over four hours for us on the way there (and about five and a half on the way home). It was Simon’s first long trip in the car. The way there, we only had to stop once to feed Simon and let Elias stretch his legs. It was a great start to our trip!

Simon’s first time in Sunriver

Elias has been to Sunriver a couple times  a year since he was born, but Simon had not made a visit yet. When we got to the house (thanks Ama and Baba for letting us stay there!), we got out lots of toys while Daddy unloaded the car. Simon enjoyed some tummy time:

tummy timeThen Mommy unpacked while the boys played catch. Elias loves catch these days. If you look in the upper left corner of the picture you can see the yellow ball whizzing toward Elias:

P1120201First use of our bike trailer

We were given a bike trailer for a gift recently, and took it out for a first spin this weekend. I took Elias on Saturday afternoon while Simon napped. He loved riding along, and enjoyed shouting “Wow! We’re going fast!” whenever I could actually manage to go fast. That thing is heavy on the up hills. We rode around the bike paths for awhile, then went to the park to play.

P1120211On Sunday morning, Daddy took Elias out again. This time, Elias made sure he was equipped. He brought three “friends” (Woody, Chewbaca, and Minnie Mouse), a snack, and a water bottle. It had rained over night so we got to test out the rain shield. In the afternoon, Elias wanted to go for another ride so I took him out again. This will be even more fun when both boys can sit back there for a ride together.

P1120238 P1120240Simon’s first swim

Simon loves the bath, but he had never actually been swimming in a pool. We took him for his first swim on Sunday afternoon. He didn’t seem to mind it, but was very subdued the whole time. I think he may have been a bit over stimulated. There was so much noise, so many people, and a lot of new sensations for him. Here are the boys getting ready in their swim suits:

P1120249And me in the pool with the boys:

P1120267Elias had a lot of fun doing “jumps.” He didn’t seem to understand that he shouldn’t jump to the person holding Simon…so Simon got splashed multiple times…and even soaked a couple times. He always just looked a bit surprised, but took it in stride. Then again…maybe Elias did know and was just getting an early start on toughening his little brother up! Here is Elias getting ready to jump.

P1120257Elias’ first sleep in a big bed

Now that Elias has outgrown the bassinet (and Simon uses it), we had to put Elias somewhere else to sleep. We made up a nice bed for him on the floor with a fold out mattress. He enjoyed that the first night. The second night, though, he got smart and realized there were much comfier beds available. He knew that Uncle Greg and Uncle Scott have beds in Sunriver so the second night he requested to sleep on Uncle Scott’s bed. It is relatively close to the ground so we approved. The silly guy wanted to sleep on top of the covers so we had to sneak in and cover him up with some blankets. It was either a full or a queen…I’m not sure…so the lucky boy got his first night in a big bed!

Simon’s first sleep in his own room

Simon still shares our room at home. Eventually the boys will share, but we’re not ready for that step yet. However, in Sunriver there were enough rooms for everyone to have their own. We put Simon in his own room just to see how he would do. Simon did fine…but I did not appreciate having to walk all the way across the house every time he woke up. When he’s next to me at home I can help him fall back asleep before he ever fully wakes up…not so when he’s in a different room! We’ll be sharing our room with him for a bit longer at home.

Elias’ first time playing with a real Tonka truck

Uncle Scott got down his old Tonka truck from the attic the last time he was at Sunriver, so it was waiting for us to play with when we arrived. Elias loved playing with the Tonka truck outside. He loaded it with rocks and drove it all around the neighborhood. He had some good ol’ little boy fun.

P1120285 P1120294Besides all these firsts we just had a lot of relaxing time and family time. Vacations are never actually very relaxing with young kiddos, but it was just fun to get away for a change of pace, and to have nothing on the schedule. Here are a few more photos of our fun:

P1120236 P1120276 P1120291

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