Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Ff)

We had a lot of fun studying Ff this week. One day this week as I was talking to Elias, I asked him what words he knows that start with F. He named the words we had studied already (flowers and friends). Then I asked him if he knew any more words that start with F. He said, “F is for fuh….fuh….fuh….kangaroo!” Well….at least he knows what sound F makes even if he isn’t really connecting it with the beginning sounds of words yet.

Saturday: F is for Flowers

Elias filling the pots with potting soil...or "we're doing dirt!" as he put it.

Elias filling the pots with potting soil…or “we’re doing dirt!” as he put it.

Saturday morning my husband went fishing so I was home with the boys. I took Elias to the Fred Meyer gardening section and allowed him to choose some flowers to plant in deck pots for our balcony. He had a lot of fun picking out flowers. Later that evening after my husband was home to watch the baby, I took Elias out on the deck and we potted the flowers together. He loved it! Every day since then, he has wanted to water the flowers. Unfortunately, it has been raining so he hasn’t had much of a need to water his plants!


Adding some more soil after we potted the plants.


Smoothing out the soil to get it ready for plants


Watering his plants


Elias wanted to show his plants to the camera


Proud boy!

Sunday: F is for Fire

Sunday was Pentecost so I thought that F is for Fire would be appropriate. I made us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and I surprised Elias with a birthday candle in each one. He was delighted! We explained to him about the birthday of the church, and then he got to blow out the candle…his favorite part!

P1120127Monday: F is for Friends

On Monday, Elias got to make a gift for some of his friends. He is part of a play group on Tuesdays. He chose a paper mache box of a different shape for each of his friends. Then, I got out our tempra paints, and let him paint away. He loved painting of course! On Tuesday, we gave them to his friends to take home.

P1120148 P1120157

Tuesday: F is for Frogs

On Tuesday we sang lots of frog songs. Elias’ favorite was Five Little Speckled Frogs

Wednesday: F is for Father

We sang the “Our Father in Heaven” song which is the Lord’s Prayer set to music. Then, we talked about how Father is another word for Daddy, and he painted a big letter F which will be part of a Father’s Day card for his Daddy. I won’t put a picture of the finished product so that it will be a surprise for Daddy, but here you can see him just starting out:

P1120159Thursday: F is for Food

Today we played with his wooden food. We prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and pretended to eat it. We also went grocery shopping in the evening and talked about the food we were buying.

Friday: F is for Fishermen

Well…I don’t think I would be considered a Bartle if I did not include fish in some way this week. Tomorrow we will play with Elias’ fishing pole. Since it is the Bible lesson day, I am going to read him the story of Jesus telling the fishermen to cast their nets again, and they get more than they can carry!


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