On Our 7th Anniversary

Dear Husband,

On our honeymoon

On our honeymoon

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Since you have work and class today, and we’ll barely see each other, we celebrated yesterday with a family dinner and a trip to the symphony. We hadn’t been alone together since Simon was born, and even though we talked about our kids in the car on the way there, I remembered how much I just enjoy being with you. No 1000 questions from the back seat. No twisting our bodies in impossible directions to try to retrieve the pacifier. No Mary Had A Little Lamb in the cd player. (Although those things are fun in their own way). It was just us. Together. And I loved it.

After seven years you think you know a person. But after seven years I think I’m just realizing how much there is to know. Because knowing someone isn’t like reading every word of a book or counting every coin in the piggy bank. You’ve changed in these seven years just as I have, and each day I am knowing you over and over again.

I love you, Nathan. I love you as a husband and a father. I love you as a son and uncle and brother in law. I love you as a computer nerd and programmer and a linguistics student. I love you as a studier of Greek and a Sunday School teacher…and yes…even a video game player. I love YOU. I see God in you, like we heard in the sermon yesterday. I see that sliver of the infinite that God placed there to reflect Him.

I’ve loved our seven years together. Here’s to seventy times seven more!

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